Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Phone Call

Normally my ex calls me 3-5 times per day, obviously to talk to the kids, but other times to chat with me. Why he does this I have no idea - it makes me crazy. So the Beast and I were playing in his room and my phone rings I know its their dad (I gave him a special ring tone) he wants to talk to the kids I hand the phone to the Beast and our conversation goes like this:

Me: Reid talk to your dad
Reid: I can't
Me; Why
Reid: He's creepy
Me: laughing my ass off

At this point I just hand the phone over to my daughter and now she doesn't want to talk to him either because he's creepy!

This is the same day my daughter gets a phone call from a girl in her class, just calling to talk to her. Its her first big girl phone call :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Famous New Year Quote

The Beast's famous quote so far of the new year. Said to Great Aunt Susie:

“You’re mean to me when I’m bad, and I’m gonna do what I want”

The Gate

 Once my son was out of a crib, they only way to keep him safe at night was a gate keeping him in his room. I had a fear of him wandering around the house and going outside. As time pasted he got the gate was removed and he normally stays in bed (usually yells if he needs anything) and will come find me if he gets up in the night. Last night I took my daughter to see Rise of Guardian and came home about 9. I noticed the bathroom light thinking nothing of it. I walked into the house to find my parents in the back of the house by the bedrooms. My mom is in the hall, laughing so hard her eyes are watering and my dad is yelling at the Beast. My parents put him to bed at 8pm and went to watch TV in the family room. After about an hour and not hearing anything from him, they assumed he was asleep. My dad went to use the bathroom, and found his bed room door shut. He opens the door and the Beast is in his bed watching TV. After the shock wore off, and he was put to bed for the second time, my dad found out he was watching a documentary on prohibition.

Once both the kids were in the bed for the evening I went down to the basement to do some cleaning. I come upstairs and hear a noise in the kitchen. I go check on both my kids and realize my son is not in bed: check each room (TV is off) and make my way into the kitchen. Pull back the kitchen chairs and he is hiding under the table. I drag him out and put him back to bed: His response “I think I need my gate up” Damn straight! Gate goes back up and will go back up every night. The follow morning he tells my mom that: “Bumpa (my dad) is not a good finder, but mommy is” My dad was actually in the kitchen while he was hiding under the table!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!! To celebrate the new year we did nothing on NYE’s I gave my kids baths and put them to bed since they could not behave. But on 1/1 I took them to the Shedd Aquarium. They had a lot of fun seeing the dolphins, fish, turtles and other aquatic life. By that evening they were exhausted. My boy is a handful; he is wild, impulsive and a little strange. I love my beast with all my heart, but some days he is about all I can handle. Apparently he was playing on some toy and a much bigger kid was next to him. And the Beast started touching the other kids buttons. So the bog boy nicely moved his hand back to his side. My son turned and gave that big boy a dirty look for touching his buttons!! And the proceeded to try and kick him in the leg. Luckily for that boy, my mom grabbed him before he tried to take out a kid twice his size.

This morning my son is laying in my bed watching TV. He wont get dressed because the clothes I picked out are garbage clothes and he cant wear them. He is 3 years old. I try not to laugh as I ask way his clothes are garbage clothes. His reply: they are not my army clothes. This kid has 4 camo pants and 5 shirts that he has deemed as army clothes. He cant wear anything else. Its so annoying. Like usual I don’t make him wear his garbage clothes and just let him wear his army clothes. Now he has to tell my why he doesn’t like school, this is almost a daily occurrence, which I don’t know why since once he is actually at school he is fine. He just likes to stay home, I would prefer to stay home, but things don’t work that way. My son looks at me so serious and says I don’t like school because all the kids are always going: “Reid, Reid, Reid” while that is his name he would prefer to have them call him “army man” and no one will.  I feel its going to be a long year with this kid!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Angel

When my mother was in kindergarten she made an angel tree topper for her Christmas tree, year after year it was placed on the tree when she was growing up. Years later my uncle was born and grew up with that tree topper still placed on the tree. About 45 years ago, my uncle had a dart gun, and shot my mom’s head clean off her angel tree topper using 1 bullet. The head was placed back on tree and my uncle got in a lot of trouble for doing this.  As we grew up I watched my mom put her angel on the tree every year. This year, my children, my parents and I decorated the tree and I watched my daughter put my mom’s angel on top of the tree. One evening as we are at home, my 3 year old son was playing with his dart gun. He took one bullet and aimed straight at that angel and shot my mom’s head clean off!! The way it was done 45years ago. I asked my son why would you do that, and he told me Uncle Tommy told me to. So after hearing that I realize my son does actually listen!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

I love Christmas. I love everything about it. Shopping for presents, wrapping gifts, Christmas carols, the food, Santa Claus, surprises, miracles, love, family, friends, and snow. There are so many more things I love about Christmas. I love the snow falling with Christmas lights lit. I just can’t name them all. I love the reason behind the holiday, which is the birth of Jesus. So when my daughter was born I was excited to share it all with her. The lights, the Christmas story, waiting for Santa and of course the best part: PRESENTS! Now I have 2 kids and the Beast is finally seeing the magic of the Holiday season. He loves seeing Santa; I have read his new Christmas book a million times: Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and played repeated the song over and over.  And with all that I still see the meaning behind Christmas.
To help my kids’ countdown to Christmas I put up our Advent calendar and almost every day filled with something, maybe something to do, a special story or a favorite Christmas movie. I see my kids getting so excited for Christmas Eve, one of the most magical days ever J So, to you and your family. Merry Christmas, God bless

Friday, August 31, 2012

August 31-How do you feel that you did with this challenge?

I really enjoyed doing this challenge. I feel good, I don’t blog a lot and I had a lot of fun doing it. I couldn’t do it everyday but I saved some of the prompts to blog later.  I loved reading other peoples blog as well as writing in my own. I think this was a great idea!