Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Potty training

When I left to go to work on Monday Jul 28. I had a daughter who would get hysterical when I would ask her to sit on the toilet. the one day I put a diaper on cuz I thought she was going to have a anxiety attack. I received the call at about 930 am, asking my to come get her. She was w/her father and she didn't seem to like him anymore. I found out why. He ran out of diapers. I choose not to leave work early and bring her diapers. I figured he could deal w/it. Its was about time he took her anyway. Then the phone call come in around 10am. w/ a little voice saying; "i went pee" I sat at my desk in tears. I was so happy. My little girl went on the toilet. Not just once either. So when I went to pick her up after work I had a little girl w/no diapers and a big smile. I'm truly happy that she has learned the toilet isn't bad and she can actually sit on it. It isn't a perfect system yet, but that's okay. Im just actually thankful for her father for once.