Monday, November 17, 2008

37 Days

37 Days till Christmas and the Holiday season is out of control. I think the day after Halloween is a little extreme to start decorating your house. Just my personal opinion. I did actually start my Christmas shopping and now Im done w/Alexis who once again got way more money spent on her than she should. But thats okay, she is spoiled and I know it. I have noticed that no one has seem to notice that Thanksgiving is only 11 days away. I think some how they have forgotten that. Forgotten to give thanks for the things in life they do have, not to look under the tree and see the things you dont need. I think people are truelly forgetting about what Christmas really means. And the meaning might be different for everyone but it shouldnt be about gifts. So I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and is giving thanks for the things in life they have.