Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I have come to realize how lazy I am. Not the fact that I sit on the couch all day, the fact that I'm to lazy to change my life around. And make myself happy. Now instead of complaining about how life is unfair and I hate my life, you would think I would start to change it. Nope, not I. That's why I am LAZY. And its starting to disgust myself. I keep saying this is my year, just like the past 15 years, yet nothings changes. I live to be miserable I guess. Why do I put myself thru this. No one can change me, I need to change myself. I have made yet another list to get to the root of why I am unhappy and yet most of it is because Im to lazy to change. I have good intentions, I just dont follow thru. Yet I always give good advice to people on how to change their lifes. Yet instead of taking my own advice, I do nothing but be miserable. Why do I do this, I ask myself. I dont know why I dont change, its not like I need to do alot to change, just small things. Like working out and quit drinking so much damn pop. Do I stop drinking the pop and exercise. No, Im too depressed to get out of bed in the morning and exercise. How sad has my life become. Ok, enough complain....Im off to change :)