Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Buona Beef

I send my daughter to a private Catholic school. They sent home a flyer that 15% of the sales Buona Beef recieves will my donated to my daughters school. I think its great - maybe I will have to fork out less money in the near future. I have a nice idea to eat there. I pick up the Beast from daycare (where he was highly emotional and cried all the way to the resturant) and meet my parents and they have Chatty. Yet as Im waiting at the door for the family I notice my daughter is NOT getting out of the car. I make my way to the car wondering what the hell now? and she is crying, horribly sobbing say she cant go inside and eat....why? Cuz she has her school uniform on (that I paid lots of money for too) I hand the Beast off and grab Chatty by the coat and out of the car she comes. She is still crying and now she is beyond reasoning with. Take her inside and she wont budge from the door still crying about the uniform that she cant be seen in....yet she wears every day to school. She wont eat, just wants to stand by the door and cry which in my opinion makes her look way more dorky than the uniform. The Beast is now is high gear trying to walk around the resturant and he wants to eat! No amount of me yelling quietly will make her go and sit down. I give up! The end result: I order my salad and take the kids home