Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Angel

When my mother was in kindergarten she made an angel tree topper for her Christmas tree, year after year it was placed on the tree when she was growing up. Years later my uncle was born and grew up with that tree topper still placed on the tree. About 45 years ago, my uncle had a dart gun, and shot my mom’s head clean off her angel tree topper using 1 bullet. The head was placed back on tree and my uncle got in a lot of trouble for doing this.  As we grew up I watched my mom put her angel on the tree every year. This year, my children, my parents and I decorated the tree and I watched my daughter put my mom’s angel on top of the tree. One evening as we are at home, my 3 year old son was playing with his dart gun. He took one bullet and aimed straight at that angel and shot my mom’s head clean off!! The way it was done 45years ago. I asked my son why would you do that, and he told me Uncle Tommy told me to. So after hearing that I realize my son does actually listen!

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