Wednesday, October 15, 2008


My daughter can come up w/the most amusing things to say. Last night @ dinner my mom and I were discussing Lexi's First Field trip to the pumpkin patch. She thinks she should go w/Lexi. And then my daughter told me: "Im 3 years old, I can go by myself." She wont even go to the bathroom alone yet she will go to a pumpkin patch.

Then I make my daily phone call to my parents to find out what Lexi is up too. Then we have to have a whole conversation. Today it was a short one, it lasted about 7 mins. She asked is we were going some place special today, which we are not, but she wants to go to the mall. Then she informed me I need to borrow money from my work and take her to the mall so she can play. She is so smart she said we need free money and alot of it. Must be nice to have free money:) and alot of it.

Plus she told me we need Santa to come over to our house so she can show him this ice cream thing she wants. She saw it on TV, I told her to go watch a movie.