Thursday, September 6, 2007


Well, we finally got a house. Jake and I bought it together, our closing date isn't untill Sept 28, but that gives us plenty of time to pack. Its 3 bedrooms upstairs so Lexi-girl gets a playroom to stuff all her toys in. And in the basement there is another bedroom that is going to be my office. Im so excited finally a place all to myself to scrapbook and work on all my other projects. Lexi is excited she wants to go to the new-new house already. The one night she told me to go get her shoes and I said "why" and she said "go new-new house" I think she will be happy there w/a big back yard to run around in. Its about time she will have a nice backyard. And a garage w/an electric opener so we can get her toys out anytime we want. There is sidewalks to, so we can start going for walks after dinner. There is even a school w/a huge playground for her to play on. I cant wait.