Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 8 - June 12th

June 8-- Not including blogging ;) your favorite guilty pleasure. Reading. I love to read and could be happy with reading all day long
June 9-- Your worst cooking disaster. I dont cook!!! Im horrible at it and I hate doing it
June 10-- Cost aside, famous art piece you would have in your home. 
Starry Night. I think its a pretty piece of art and I have a blanket with the piece of art on it. 
June 11-- Best day of your life.  
the day my kids were born. But I have alot of great days in between. I really dont think I could pick one. 
June 12-- Worst injury you've had & how it happened. 
Probably getting a pin put in my hip when I was 12 years old. It was just they way my hip grew.

Blog Challenge

June 1-- Why are you doing this challenge.: Even though I am way late doing this blog challenge I am doing it because I like to blog, I dont do it as often as I want, but I think blogging is fun :)
June 2-- Post a picture of you smiling. 

June 3-- 15 interesting things about yourself.
1. I have been to Italy, Germany and Austria for my senior class trip
2. As I type this I cant feel half my fingers on each hand
3.  I have an obsession with tote bags
4. I have raised two kids by myself
5. I use to sew alot of my own clothes
6. I love bins, I love to organize the stuff inside the bins
7. I like to read love stories and pretend it could actually happen to me
8. I want to go to Graceland
9. I could get lost driving in the dame city I have lived in my whole life
10. I have moved over 10 times and only lived in 4 different places my whole life
11. I have a crush on Gary Sinse and Steven Segall
12. I have been engaged twice and never married.
13. I love to be organized and try really hard to be
14. I still love to play Barbies with my daughter, even though I have to be the mean girl ;)
15. I wish I had a career, something that I really want to do with the rest of my life

June 4-- Meaning behind your blog name. I calll my daughter Chatty because she never stops talking, either does my son (I have no idea where they get it from) and my son is a Beast. He can be so beastly and wild!!
June 5-- Short term goals for this month and why those goals. To get caught up on my scrapbooking. I just finished my son's 2nd b-day and he will be 3 next month.
June 6-- Nicknames you have & why you have them. Annabelle - I have been called that since grade school. and my sister calls me Timmy!!! (a weird story)
June 7-- Picture of something that makes you happy.