Monday, April 7, 2008


I seriously have to be the most stupidest person in the world. Why did I honestly think he was going to change and have things be different. He was such a frickin ass this weekend. WHy?? Becuz of a hat, yep a stupid hat that I shouldnt have to pick up. But otherwise it will sit there till the end of time. So he can shove the hat right on up his ass.

I should of listened to my gut and never went back. Cut my losses and stayed at my parents. Well, now I have had it. Im not a maid service to anyone especially people who cant pick up a flippin hat. So the way I see it, is that he made it clear he doesnt want to be w/me. So this time I will be packing up all my stuff and leaving for good. Im not going to do another damn thing for him. Screw him and his way of talking so I always look like the idiot. Fuck him and her. Im out.