Monday, February 14, 2011

My Own Room

I live in a 3 bedroom house. 1 bedroom is my parents and me and my kids get divided into 2 rooms. Which actually doesn't work evenly. Here is why: #1) Chatty had her own room and me and Beast shared. #2) Chatty then realized she was ALONE (just in the next room) and she can't be alone #3) She started sleeping in the Beast's room and I got to sleep in her room, yet I would wake up and she would be will be since she still didn't want to completely sleep alone (yes, she would leave Beast to come in the bed w/me) makes no sense to me. Now this past weekend she has decided to hang up posters and sleep in her own room. Which now leaves me on the couch since the Beast will wake up to my alarm and I don't need him up at 530am. So last night I sleep on the couch again which is killing my back (But, I'm doing this so my kids have their own room) and I wake up TWICE and both times guess who is on the couch w/me. Seriously? WTF? Now 2 beds are empty and I get to sleep on the couch. This is just ridiculous. I need a bed to sleep in ALONE.