Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day

I come home from work with a surprise waiting for me. My daughter has planned a surprise for me. The kitchen table is moved into the family room w/a bouquet of flowers (which are not for me) a valentines table cloth and plates. Chatty tell me she is putting on a fashion show while the rest of us eat. After moving the table again, getting the Beast down off the same chair 5 times we finally sit down to eat. Chatty puts on her first dress: a pink sundress; second dress: Snow White; third dress: a red Christmas one (which is too short); fourth dress: a black witch and fifth and final dress: Belle. We all applaud and say what a wonderful job she did and vote which one was our favorite. Then she decides to play a game with her dresses. She lays them on the floor and then we close our eyes and she takes one away. We open our eyes and the pink one is missing. I call it out and my Dad goes: what pink one? So we have to play again and then again. Finally we let Reid loose and the game and fashion show ends. I think it was the best Valentine's Day surprise I ever got.