Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!! To celebrate the new year we did nothing on NYE’s I gave my kids baths and put them to bed since they could not behave. But on 1/1 I took them to the Shedd Aquarium. They had a lot of fun seeing the dolphins, fish, turtles and other aquatic life. By that evening they were exhausted. My boy is a handful; he is wild, impulsive and a little strange. I love my beast with all my heart, but some days he is about all I can handle. Apparently he was playing on some toy and a much bigger kid was next to him. And the Beast started touching the other kids buttons. So the bog boy nicely moved his hand back to his side. My son turned and gave that big boy a dirty look for touching his buttons!! And the proceeded to try and kick him in the leg. Luckily for that boy, my mom grabbed him before he tried to take out a kid twice his size.

This morning my son is laying in my bed watching TV. He wont get dressed because the clothes I picked out are garbage clothes and he cant wear them. He is 3 years old. I try not to laugh as I ask way his clothes are garbage clothes. His reply: they are not my army clothes. This kid has 4 camo pants and 5 shirts that he has deemed as army clothes. He cant wear anything else. Its so annoying. Like usual I don’t make him wear his garbage clothes and just let him wear his army clothes. Now he has to tell my why he doesn’t like school, this is almost a daily occurrence, which I don’t know why since once he is actually at school he is fine. He just likes to stay home, I would prefer to stay home, but things don’t work that way. My son looks at me so serious and says I don’t like school because all the kids are always going: “Reid, Reid, Reid” while that is his name he would prefer to have them call him “army man” and no one will.  I feel its going to be a long year with this kid!!

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