Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Phone Call

Normally my ex calls me 3-5 times per day, obviously to talk to the kids, but other times to chat with me. Why he does this I have no idea - it makes me crazy. So the Beast and I were playing in his room and my phone rings I know its their dad (I gave him a special ring tone) he wants to talk to the kids I hand the phone to the Beast and our conversation goes like this:

Me: Reid talk to your dad
Reid: I can't
Me; Why
Reid: He's creepy
Me: laughing my ass off

At this point I just hand the phone over to my daughter and now she doesn't want to talk to him either because he's creepy!

This is the same day my daughter gets a phone call from a girl in her class, just calling to talk to her. Its her first big girl phone call :)

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