Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bed Time

It is a struggle each night to put my kids to bed. The Beast needs a guy and some water and his special comforter. Chatty needs water and me to lay with her and then to tell me 800 things. Last night was no exception the 6th sense my children were blessed with to behave badly when I am trying to sneak out of the house after they are tucked into bed. Last night my Beast of course didn’t want to go to bed, his back hurt so he wanted to sleep on the floor, his floor had stuff on it so he had to find his slippers and of course the best one of the night from my Beast was he had to finish his homework so he could not go to bed. And what kind of mother would I be putting my kid to bed without letting him finish his homework??? The kind of mother who knows her 2 ½ year old does not have homework.
As the homework thing got worked out for the time being, my daughter was plotting ways we can chat more and in return getting her to stay up later. I do love my daughters imagination. But when she got up to ask me to become her teacher at school so we can be together more. I find it so sweet thinking of ways for us to be together but its bedtime so no I cant be you teacher all day and then put you to bed each night.