Thursday, March 20, 2008

March Madness

Well, its the first day of Spring and they are talking about 9 inches of snow. I want to plant these tulips I saw in some ones front yard, not shovel my driveway. Lexi had a fabulous birthday and a wonderful birthday party. Why?? Cuz she deserves it. She also went and did awesome at the Dr's for her 3 year check up. Hopefully she will be that good when I take her to Childrens on April 1st. But, Im not holding my breath. I'm still in limbo over my life and its disgusting and I hate my life. I just dont know what to do, I think I do but I already know I wont do. I think Im going to give myself till April 1, 2008. Im not telling anyone thats how long they have to change or Im going to see a lawyer. That is just how it will be. But I really have to start sticking to it. I think that it should be: J should have Lexi's room done or almost done by April 1st. That should be enough time for a big dent into that room. At least if we got her room done I could clear out some shit in the basement. Maybe thats what I'll start doing on Saturday if J is actually working in the bedroom. DESTROY THE BASEMENT. I think that would be fun. Its just like a dog chasing her tail, thats how I feel. Run, Run, Run and you never catch anything.