Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Corey Feldman

Me and my awesome sister

This past weekend, Corey Feldman was only a drive away, hosting various movies that he had been in during the eighties. I just HAD to go. My sister bought us tickets to see The Lost Boys. It was the first vampire movie I ever saw, and one of my favorite movies of all time. After he signed autographs, he came into the theater showing the movie and talked a little bit.
To be honest, I always loved Corey Haim more than Corey Feldman, but I still loved Corey F. He was pretty cute in person and seemed very nice. I only wish I had saved a Teen Beat magazine - it would have been nice to have him sign a poster that I had had up on my wall when I was younger.

The Fall

When you have kids and they fall you automatiacally go to them and make sure they are ok. Every time The Beast falls off the couch. I do go to him and make sure he is ok. Chatty is HIGHLY overdramatic about her falls and I usually end up carring her while she is sobbing. Yet on this freezing cold January morning, my daughter falls walking up to school. (you think they could buy salt on the amount of money I pay for her) I go to jump out of the car not even carring that the Beast would be left alone in my car ( i bet he wouldnt be kidnapped for long) yet she picks herself up and goes inside. Deep down I know I should go and check on her, but knowing my daughter she would have been mortified. So against my better judgement I didnt go inside school. I waited all day to hear if she was okay, I almost called the school. But I didnt want them to wonder why I didnt go in and check on her right away. Just to hear my baby tell me she didnt want me to go inside school anyway. So I actually did the right thing for my kid :)