Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Disney on Ice

I took Chatty to see Disney on Ice on 2/11/2012. Her father came with to drive (lets just say I was reminded why I left him) The show was great. It started with lunch from McDonalds. At the show the first thing you walk in and see was all this great Disney stuff to buy. I was shocked at first when Chatty told me she didnt want anything. Of course that did not last long. She first picked Rapunzel hair. She got the hair and since my Beast was left at home, he was bought a sword to play with. Of course half way through the show she wanted a light up wand. I agreed since her dad was buying :) The show included Princess Tiana, Cinderella, and Rapunzel. Of course Chatty's favorite was Rapunzel. I completely agreed since she was spinning in the air from her hair. She had a good time at the show and so did I. I love taking her to see stuff like this. She loves it and I do too :)
We ended the night at Cracker Barrel one of her favorite places to go. I know why :) she loves to look at the shop. Of course she wants tons more stuff. But she already got enough so home we went.
I do hope that next time Disney on Ice comes around we can go, maybe by then my Beast can come with us. Of course we will leave their father at home.