Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday

Easter Morning started out with my kids looking for their Easter basket (which I completely forgot to take a pic of) and then of course going through everything to see. Along with the candy Chatty got a book she can write and illustrate and a Barbie doll, the Beast got a movie and an umbrella (that can be a separate post). So realizing it’s a busy day my Beast was in everyone’s way whining and bugging so I decide to run to the store. I find it so weird that stores are open on Easter when everyone should be celebrating with their family. But we get ready to leave and Reid just goes outside, while I’m trying to get my purse. I go outside to get him. I CANT FIND HIM!!! He isn’t in the front yard, my driveway, my grandma’s drive way. GONE!!! I’m yelling for him and of course I realize I leave my phone inside, go back inside yell to my dad that I can’t find Reid and grab my phone. I’m going back to my Grandma’s where my car is parked and with my Dad right behind me all of a sudden my dad says “brake lights” My Beast is sitting in the drivers seat of my car hitting the breaks. I open the door and grab him; I told him he gave me a heart attack since I couldn’t find him. Sweetly his reply was “Sorry mommy, I drive??” I put him in his car seat and buckle him tight, I have to sit and take a moment to let my heart stop running wild. I was so scared and he thinks nothing of it. After the store we head to my Grandma’s for Easter dinner and an egg hunt. The kids had a blast! It was a great day besides having a heart attack in the morning.