Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I got home last night at 8pm. With one kid who coughs in your face is hungry and tired and dirty from wiping her face all day long. Touching me and her brother with her sticky hands. Then my little crabby baby, who just got 3 shots in his legs and is tired and hungry also. Yet after picking up the medication they need to stop being sick and crabby. I realize its 8pm, the bowl of cereal I grabbed at my parents isn’t holding me over, I have no clean bottles and there is still a huge pile of dust bunnies on my living room carpet. I ignore the bunnies since they have been there since Saturday when I certain some one thought it was dumb to vacuum since he convinced himself and me he would vacuum after installing our new window. I change into pajamas since I of course have spit up on my work shirt, and make a bowl of cereal: this of course temps Alexis. Now she wants one, fine no big deal until it ends up on my floor with her standing in it: And the best part: her shirt didn’t get wet. Not like I really care at that point since her pants and socks are covered in milk and frosted flakes. Jake strolls into the kitchen and of course yells at Alexis: I’m just grateful it’s not on my carpet with the bunnies. The dogs licking it, Jake is yelling and Lexi’s telling everyone her shirt isn’t wet. I leave and go into the living room and eat alone. I finish my cereal and go back to the kitchen to clean the mess that I know Jake didn’t, and Lexi is happily eating her new bowl of cereal. As I start to do the dishes since Reid is screaming, like he was getting the shots all over again, I have now realized Jake has decided to go to bed, since I have been yelling at him since I walked in the door to HELP!!!!!! If he actually was sleeping I would have been tempted to smother him with a pill instead I yell some more for him to get up and help. Now he can’t get Reid since he made it clear: Reid is NOT his responsibility. So now at that point I just want to pack up and leave, yet I can’t since that would require more work than I already have to do. So I get Lexi ready for bed, put her bed, ignore her demands of things she needs to sleep and try to calm Reid down, which is so dumb on my part since I do not have food in my hands, he could care less that I’m trying to calm him down so his face goes back to a normal color instead of a reddish/purple. So I leave him in the swing and start making bottles. Jake at this point must have gotten tired of the screaming since he finally picked up Reid, which in reality means; he has been screaming non-stop for at least a half an hour. I make bottles for him and put his pajamas on: I try to give him Tylenol thinking that might help, well of course the lid is stuck and then Jake decides to get involved and opens it. I end up dripping it on his pajamas and have to change him. Feed him a bottle which takes at least 45 mins since I don’t think he is actually hungry he just wants the bottle to drip formula into his mouth while he sleeps. Finally at 9:50 pm, he is done for the night. I still have dished to do, a kitchen to mop and bunnies that I know are looking at me while I feed Reid. So I do finish the dishes, mop the floor so there is no milk left on the ground, do a load of laundry, and make it in to bed at 1030. Only to wake at 500 am w/a hungry baby, a kid who is in my bed coughing, Jake snoring and an 80lb dog at the foot of my bed. . Reid then proceeds to fall back asleep while I heat up his bottle. So I wake him up, since he woke me up in the first place, feed him, get ready for work, make more bottles, get Lexi up and leave for another day at work. Make it through half the day, call and check on my kids only to hear what I already now: Reid is crabby and screaming (again) and Lexi is still coughing. But the topper? My mom asks where the diapers are since she has been telling me for a week she needs them. I forgot was the reply, and she asked me how I forgot them. I really don’t know, but something has to change