Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Its 4:24pm. I leave work at 5, most people are frickin ecstatic to leave this place they call work and go home. I on the other hand I am afraid to leave. I'm afraid cuz I have to go pick up my son from daycare. Where I have been talked to about 5 or more times about his behavior. He bites and he hits and he scratches. I'm not exactly sure what they now mean by saying they are going to monitor him. Could they make him leave? I'm not sure and the "person in charge" did not answer my questions of what can happen. I like to know what can happen in advance so I don't walk in to daycare and they say: "bye, please don't bring him back" So now I don't even want to get him just because I am tired of being talked to. I can not talk to him about his issues since he is 18 months and usually agrees with what I say.... me: were you a good boy? the beast: "uh-huh. Which I now know is just a lie.